Bussiness Units

Representation / Trading

Featuring a wide range of products, from around the world, with the best technology and quality at a competitive price.

We focus on this specific markets,


Food &


Mexican Exports


We have accumulated a large ammount of experiences doing business with foreign companies which helps us efficienly with providing a high standard of service and quality.

We are strategically located in Monterrey, N.L., México, 200 km. From the USA border, and with rapid access to the ports on the atlantic ocean and pacific ocean, right in the center of the world commerce.

Professional support for small and medium business.
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Different schemes of support customized to the needs and preferences.
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Expand and diversify your portfolio of clients.
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Commercial innovation

New business development

Opportunities found and shared with investors related with certain specific markets. We have found many business opportunities in fields out of our scope, that we have shared with qualified investors.

We have proudly helped investors / companies to get into the business opportunities and grow them in a profitable manner.


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