About Us


Our Story

Our company was founded in 2006 as an initiative of a group of Mexican investors, profesional people in the competences of the business, motivated by some good customers.


In support of the Mexican Economy, in the year 2009 arises the Export Division, with the objective of supporting small and medium bussiness that needed to increase its diversification of markets and customers.


We will continue making history, and we invite you to be part of it by join us!


Thank you!.


Our mission is to be a leading company in its relevant markets, with profitable and a solid competitive position in a global enviroment, socially responsable, that develops highly qualified human capital and creates value for its  stakeholders.


Grupo Globtec will utilize its energy and creativity to grow rapidly and profitably. Its products shall be innovators and highly satisfactory to the customers. Globtec will have a high prestige and recognition as a company that meets the highest standards of social responsability.


For this, Globtec has to have an organization that is lean, efficient, effective and flexible, with outstanding human capital that is conscientious of Globtec’s values, is highly motivated, and contributes to the attainment of corporate objectives while meeting personal goals.


We will create a wide platform of representations of foreign products in Mexico, Central and North America as well as Mexican products abroad.